Design and production

The products proposed by PlanL pursue the design that PlanL and fellow designers want to have after using it.

Design and manufacture in all areas, including daily necessities, furniture, office supplies, soap, logo designs, fabric items, chocolate shapes, and packaging. And before selling it, try it enough and put it on the shopping mall.

Custom-made and custom-made

Most of the products made by PlanL are not made in advance. So, if you order, we can send you something quickly, but most deliveries take 3-7 days. Especially furniture takes more time.

If you would like to commercialize your own ideas, please contact us by e-mail.

If such a product is also suitable for sale, we will upload it as a designer and produce it for further royalty.

Direct production system

The products proposed by PlanL are manufactured by purchasing some parts and materials.

Some products are entrusted to nearby factories for processing. Of course, the final finish is our own.

Although it is a design company, it is also registered as a factory and has 3D printers and woodworking equipment.